ALZEA specialist training abroad

The top eight countries for an internship abroad

How ALZEA can help you find your internship abroad

Research Traineeship

This is a research internship on as we are with you. The mission will be consistent with your expectations and will be validated by your school.

Search for accommodation

You have your accomodation confirmation before leaving your home country. hostels, student residencies, backpackers... we adapt our accomodation search to your budget and local opportunities

Accomodation allows you to start your internship and to facilitate adaptation to your new environment

What do they tell us about their experience abroad

You are not left alone, ALZEA team in France and the local correspondent in the host country are with you from your first contact to the end of your stay

We are at your disposal to answer your questions, facilitate your departure, organise your arrival and secure an individualized follow up during your stay.

Why use ALZEA to find an internship abroad

do not set borders to your international ideas

have an internship abroad is not difficult anymore. No not hesitate to give a real push to your resume.

A project as a co-construction

Since the begining you benefit from a first individualized contact with one of ALZEA staff in Lyon. With you we validate your internship project. you are in contact with the local correspondent of the chosen host country. You are put in relation with companies interested in your profil

Security and follow up

Your are not alone in a foreing environment. Accomodation is secured before leaving the home country. Our local correspondent in the host country organise for your arrival and he will remain a permanent contact during your stay.